Summer Reads - Connie Brown

Connie Brown in the BYU Bookstore office shared with us her favorite summer read.

Joyce DiPastena’s book “Dangerous Favor”:
"His grasp tightened on the ribbon as he turned back to Girard.  'Your lady sister has honored me with her token.  I’ll not surrender it until I’ve achieved a victory or two for her on the field.'  

“The thing is, deBrielle, the ribbon was not my sister’s to give.  ‘Tis my lady’s token, granted to me before we left Rouen.  I promised her I’d wear it in her honor this day.'

Mathilde twisted in D’Amville’s grasp.  He was back on his feet but she felt him stagger, still unsteady on his undoubtedly throbbing thigh.  But despite her struggles, his clasp about her waist remained strong.  She screamed, not in fear this time, but in rage.

She could not break free.  Perhaps he needed some incentive to release her.  She threw down the torch at their feet.  Flames crackled and leapt, fanned by the dry, autumn grass and the night’s breeze.  D’Amville flinched away from the surging blaze.  Mathilde jerked free of his slackened hold, but she didn’t run.  She turned, furious, and slammed the club into D’Amville’s shoulder.

She thwacked the club into his leg, just as Etienne had.  D’Amville dropped to the ground with another howl of pain."

Loved this book!  Tales of knights and ladies.

-Connie Brown

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