Nothing to Envy: A lecture from Barbara Demick

BYU's Kennedy Center announced its book of the semester.... Nothing to Envy by Barbara Demick, and she will be giving a lecture today at 11:00.

Demick is a Beijing correspondence journalist for the LA Times. She followed six North Korean citizens for over fifteen years who left the country eventually. She wrote their stories of surviving famine and living through a totalitarian regime. 

An Wall Street review said about Demick's book,

"Ms. Demick has written a deeply moving book. The personal stories are related with novelistic detail ..."Nothing to Envy" depicts a society in chaos, where people have lost confidence in their government but don't yet have the will or the tools to rebel. Ms. Demick doesn't offer a view of what the future holds for the totalitarian regime that has oppressed North Koreans for six decades. But the growing discontent can't bode well for the regime's long-term health.

With the difficulty it takes to acquire information about North Korea's government and society, Demick's book should be a insightful read for sure.

"Nothing to Envy" is available at the BYU Bookstore in the General Books section.

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