BYU Symposium's Books for Young Readers

The BOOKS FOR YOUNG READERS SYMPOSIUM sponsored by BYU’s Conferences and Workshops is at the Provo Library this week with some sessions on campus.  If you can’t manage the time or funds to attend two full days of fun and informative sessions with the authors you can share in the symposium by browsing titles written and illustrated by symposium guests as well as Spotlight titles picked by children’s book experts at BYU Bookstore. 

Jack Gantos is this year’s Newbery Award Winner.  DEAD END IN NORVELT is funny and about a dysfunctional family that works.  I personally love books that have quirky characters that are not stereotypical in anyway with a charm that allows us to ease up on humanity and the “shoulds and oughts” we are so quick to impose on ourselves and others.  This book does that for me, helps me to smile a little more and judge a little less.

Nic Bishop has photographed some of the best non-fiction available.  His books are popular with fans of all ages.  Whether it is the award-winning, KAKAPO RESUE : SAVING THE WORLD’S STRANGEST PARROT; FROGS; LIZARDS or one of his many other titles your eyes will want to linger and revisit.  Nic Bishop’s books are great as gifts for adults as well as children and successfully appeal to many who thought they didn’t like books.

Ally Condie is local and the New York Times bestselling author of MATCHED, CROSSED, and the upcoming REACHED, eagerly awaited and scheduled for release November 13, 2012.  This series is dystopian and so popular that it hardly needs explanation.  If you have not heard about MATCHED you must pick up a copy and read for yourself.

Jeanette Ingold is the author of many Young Adult titles, including her latest, PAPER DAUGHTER.   Fantasy writing is in its glory but if you are ready for realistic fiction try any of Jeanette Ingold’s titles.  She believes that “Books let us live more than one life,” and then she writes so it can be true.

Tom Lichtenheld’s art is clever and creative and always humorous.  Also a New York Times bestselling author / artist, you are probably familiar with GOODNIGHT, GOODNIGHT, CONSTRUCTION SITE; SHARK VS. TRAIN; and DUCK! RABBIT!   But have you seen WUMBERS written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld?  WUMBERS is what happens when you combine numbers and letters and is delightful fun.

“Amy Krouse Rosenthal is a person who likes to make things.” declares her website homepage and we are so glad that includes children’s books.  Along with WUMBERS, Amy has given us THIS PLUS THAT: LIFE’S LITTLE EQUATIONS using the symbols of math outside of the usual numeric use with a more conceptual view: “I’m sorry + Hug = sincere apology”; “1+1= us.”  AL PHA’S BET is one of my favorites, with a series of funny events that lead to the creation of the alphabet.

Every year children’s book experts spotlight their favorite titles at the symposium.  They include many of my favorites this year and I always find a few I would have missed without the spotlight shout out.


For Young Readers' Symposium schedule, follow this link.

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