Traditional Books and Electronic Reading

When I pack for a long trip there comes a point where I have to decide: what book do I want to read on the road? I am sure most of us have dealt with this crucial decision at some point of our lives. You know how it is, if I make the wrong reading choice, I'm stuck counting down the minutes until I can stretch my legs and get out of the car or hop off that airplane.

This summer I'm planning on doing lots of traveling and looking forward to some excellent reading time. In order to keep my packing light and have room for souvenirs, I have chosen to take a hand-me-down Kindle.

My reasoning for this over a traditional book is as follows:
  • It's easier to keep track of one Kindle rather than multiple books.
  • The Kindle will keep an electronic bookmark so I don't have to worry about a bookmark getting lost in my suitcase and losing my page entirely.
  • It is much lighter and easier to carry.
  • It has many books in one place.
  • I can switch between books easily.
There are lots of wonderful things with the Kindle, but there are also cons that just can't simply replace a traditional book:
  • It will need to be charged frequently and may run out of battery life (at inconvenient times too!).
  • It loses the classic appeal to reading.
  • It's easier to find right where I left off than on a Kindle.
  • It is harder to write comments down.
  • It's more difficult to get a new book to read on the Kindle (internet connection vs. a bookstore).
  • An old book won't be as big of a deal to break, lose, or have stolen.
I believe that a traditional book and a Kindle both have their time and place where they are just simply better than the other, but what do you think? Do you think there really is nothing like a real book or do you think electronic reading is the new way to read?

Do you prefer reading on a Kindle or do you prefer a good old fashion book?

Also, what books do you think I should take for the road? I would love to hear your suggestions.


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