Love Stories: Ella Enchanted and The Little Girl Inside Me

As Valentines approaches I have reflected on love stories I read in the past. Though great reads immediately come to my mind like Pride and Prejudice, anything Nicholas Sparks, and Gone with the Wind, my personal favorite is Ella Enchanted. Laugh if you will that the story I love involves fairies, giants and elves, but it’s a story that I cherish.

Growing up, I had a similar upbringing to Ella's (the only difference being that I didn’t live in a fairy tale world) and I felt so drawn to her. She was independent, confident, and beautiful. This was everything my little-girl heart desired to be. Even though she was cursed to follow every command given, because she sacrificed the love of her life, Ella not only saved her love but also freed herself from the spell she was bound to.

The story concludes with Ella marrying the prince and living happily ever after. Every time I finish the book I dream of my own fairy tale ending where a handsome man whisks me off my feet and makes me his princess. However I realize that, like Ella, I too have to face challenges placed in my life if I am to achieve happiness like her. I think that’s why to this day my favorite love story is Ella Enchanted because it makes me appreciate love for more than just chocolates and roses, yet it lets me hold on to the little girl inside of me.

The BYU Bookstore currently has Ella Enchanted in stock for $6.99 in the Childrens Section located in the BYU Bookstore's basement. Happy Valentines Day!

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