Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

If you were asked to leave your family behind, not to serve your country but, to serve your planet, would you?

I remember reading this novel for the first time when I was fifteen. I was walking through my tiny high school library searching for something new when I stumbled across it. Ironically I recognized the name of Orson Scott Card because of Enchantment, one of his novels written to a more female target audience. So, I picked it up and decided to give it a chance. It then became one of my favorites in the science fiction genre.

Ender is only six years old. He is the third child in his family, a position rare and only possible through special permission from the government. Since Ender's birthright is normally forbidden the government keeps a close and constant watch on the boy. They soon discover that he is what they have been looking for. Ender is a prodigy of war.

Ender's Game is about just that, a game. Once the government discovers Ender's potential they recruit the boy into a military school. There, through the help of a cleverly devised computer game, he is trained to fight the alien invasion that is threatening Earth. Soon his prodigy is trained into brilliance and he becomes increasingly better at winning.

Orson Scott Card's novel, Ender's Game, is probably one of the best science fiction novels written for young adults. Card takes serious themes such as war and genocide and puts them in a light that is easier for the younger generation to understand. He makes his audience think about our world and the direction it's headed without making his novel too emotionally heavy. This is the kind of book that you could write a paper on if you really wanted but it is also the kind of book that you can sit down with just for fun on a rainy day and finish it that weekend.

Ender's Game, the movie, will be released on November 1 this year. So maybe, if you haven't read it yet, you should grab a copy and get in on the adventure or if you have read it already then read it again and refresh your memory. People often say that the book is always better than the movie.

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- Allanah

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