Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet - A footprint for entertainment?

Romeo and Juliet. Where to start with this incredibly famous tragedy?

Romeo and Juliet is the archetype story for love in English literature. The names alone imply romance in any other context.

Have you noticed that many romance movies follow the format of this Shakespearian tragedy?

The Romeo-Juliet love affair occurred in a total of three days. Romeo is an emotionally-charged character, driven by his deep desire to love. Although he claims a love for Rosaline, he decides on sight that he loves Juliet and develops a more “mature” love because she returns the affection. Once decided, Romeo acts on feeling rather than logic to convince Juliet his dedication to her when he enters the Capulet’s home and climbs up to her. After Romeo kills Tybalt, there grows a tension between Juliet when she realizes the fault of her new husband, but she decides to accept his flaw and they reunite.

I don’t know about you, but several movies with parallel attributes came to my mind as I thought about this story: Titanic, Just like Heaven, The Proposal, Hitch, The Prince and Me, and Letters to Juliet. Shakespeare made three the magic number for romance: three dates, three nights, or three events before the characters fully decide they love the other more than anything else.

That’s all of the movies I can connect on the top of my head, can you think of any others that tie into the Shakespeare format?


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