Wedding Tips from Store-Visiting Author Ann Peterson

Guest Author Ann Peterson

Any woman trying to plan a wedding knows the difficulty and stress associated with such an event. Everything from floral, food, location, dresses, and pictures has to be arranged in preparation for the big day. Ann Peterson recognized the need of an LDS wedding planning book while helping to plan her soon-to-be sister-in-law's wedding. After the encouragement from her family, she decided that she would write such a book. Being the incredibly talented and creative woman that she is she wrote, "Your LDS Wedding Planner," a guide to planning your perfect wedding. She was kind enough to answer some questions we had of our own about planning a wedding and in doing so we got to learn a little more about Ann herself. 

Tell us a little something about your self. 
I am a mother of five kids and love my family. I also love helping plan weddings. Writing this book has been so fun. I feel like I am living the dream. 

What should brides and their mothers NOT worry about when planning a wedding?

Don't stress about anything. When everything is said and done, you will still be married. There are very few things which are actually essential to a wedding. The rest is just frosting on the cake. 

What is an essential part of wedding planning?

Communication! Not only will communication affect how the wedding will go, such as flowers, how much to budget, and who is involved in the planning stage, but it will also affect how the marriage itself will be.

What makes your book different compared to other wedding planning books out there?

It is more comprehensive compared to other wedding planning books and is catered directly to an LDS audience. The style of the book is more upbeat than others out there and you actually feel like you are talking to the author instead of just reading a check list of things to do before you get married. There's a fun soap box section where I advise what you might want to do but the reader is still free to decide what they want to do for their own wedding.

Any advice you can give for future brides to be who are planning a wedding?

Calm down and have fun!


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