The Very Beginning.

Welcome to the BYU Bookstore General Book Blog. The BYU Bookstore opened in 1906, as a place for students to find a variety of needs on campus. The bookstore has evolved quite a bit since, and now supplies electronics, clothing and almost anything a student could need. Even so, we're still the bookstore and the heart of our mission lies within the heart of education: reading. The General Books department (all books sans textbooks) has a staff of well-read, opinionated readers, eager to help guide students, and bookstore patrons alike, through today's literary world.

This blog is a means to further help our readers. The general books staff of the BYU Bookstore, ranging from children's books to religious, and most everything in between, will be posting their own current literary picks, what's on their nightstand now and what new books they're most anticipating. There will also be interviews with some of our most beloved local authors, as well as professors on BYU's campus. Expect relevant stories about challenges faced by independent booksellers, a book club, and reviews of the most popular books here at the bookstore.

Feel free to comment and ask questions about books you're currently reading. Our staff are experts and want to be a part of your reading experience. Check back often, we’re here to stay and eager to interact with our readers. More than ever, the BYU Bookstore is here to serve you.

"We read to know we are not alone."
-C.S. Lewis

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  1. I love book blogs, and I love the BYU Bookstore! Can't wait to see what shows up on here. Thanks for starting this great blog!