YRead? Education through Procrastination

For those of you who Pinterest you may have seen this short poem floating around;

As the winter semester continues and the cold drags on annoyingly, I am able to relate to this short poem more and more with every coming day. It would be so nice to just sit down and forget everything and simply rest and read. The bad news is that finding time can sometimes be difficult especially when you're trying to balance school, work, church, and a social life. The idea of finding more time can be daunting and sometimes you just want to lay down and numb your brain with television or ice cream.

The good news is that is is President's Day this coming Monday and for us students that means: long weekend! Which, let's be honest, long weekends are pretty great; mainly because you can sleep in on Monday morning and that is one of the best feelings, unless you have work, in which case I applaud you. However, It's even better when you realize that you can stay in bed with a book and you don't really feel the need to hurry and get dressed. Long weekends were designed for you to take your time and amble through the day. You may have homework you need to catch up on but what's the rush?

This is the truly great thing about reading. You can read to procrastinate writing that essay but you are still in a sense being productive and enlightening your mind. So, whatever it is you plan to do or plan not to do this long weekend make sure you pick up a fun book and sharpen your mind without dulling your senses. Set aside some time to just sit with yourself and read. And feel free to tell us about it.

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