The Kiss of a Stranger

I’m a voracious reader and am forever looking for the next great book or series.  In asking others for suggestions and my mom and a couple of others suggested Sarah M Eden.

  I have a love hate relationship with most of the LDS fiction authors so I was reluctant to go down that road again but after months of procrastination I finally decided to give her books a try.  To my great surprise I’m a fan.

  I’ve read one book a day for the last three days and have everything I can get my hands on either sitting at home waiting to be read on hold at the library.  Happy day!

  Sarah writes historical fiction set in the regency period.  My favorite so far has been The Kiss of A Stranger.   The story begins when Lord Crispin Cavratt kisses a young woman he mistakes for serving maid to try to free himself from the attentions of a persistent young woman who is only interested in is fortune and title.

  To his horror Catherine the young woman he kissed is not serving maid but a beleaguered orphan under the care of her uncle.  Upon witnessing the kiss her Uncle forces them to marry.

  Eden then skillfully reveals to us the story of Crispin and Catherine’s lives while showing us the reality of what it meant to be a woman without a dowry or money of her own during that period of history.

  Will the marriage be annulled or can true love come from a kiss between strangers?   If you are a Jane Austen fan try Sarah M Eden, you’ll like her.

Deena Hastings is a pro at the BYU Bookstore's Candy department. She is an avid reader and loves to get lost in a good book.

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  1. I have only read The Kiss of A Stranger but I had a similar view and similar reaction. I think she is great and I hope to read more of her books!