Summer Reading

Here at BYU, we are finished with semester. That means time to read things I want to read!

Since I'm not taking classes this summer, and I'm not spending a huge chunk of the summer writing for a newspaper or traveling, I am hoping to get some more fun reads in.

This is my summer reading list:
1. MockingJay: I've read the first two Hunger Games books and started this one, but I didn't finish. I figured it would be good to read the third one before the second movie comes out.

2. The Harry Potter series: I read them all very quickly about six years ago and I would love to revisit them. I figured, they were the books that got me to read many other books the summer of my junior year of high school so maybe they would help me read more again. Plus, they're surprisingly quick reads.

3. Designing Brand Identity. I'm getting way into wed design and graphic design and I bought this book for Christmas. It's way overdue to be read. Non-fiction books are my guilty pleasure, what can I say?

There you go, that's what you can expect to see me reading this summer. I try to not make too ambitious of reading lists seeing as it's a difficult habit for me to develop in the first place. Wish me luck this summer!


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