Education Week at BYU

It's that time of year when fresh paper and pencils have a new kind of charm, when relaxing on the porch reading a book is overdone, when we start looking at jeans and coats at stores rather than swimsuits, and when buying new books and notepads become more exciting than they had in the past.

Yep, the Fall back-to-school fever has hit. The anticipation of new, exciting things to learn and see becomes more interesting than ever before.

Whether you're a student or not, the fresh, cool breeze can strike with an urge to learn something new. Every year BYU invites those who aren't current students to attend a week of learning with professors on campus.

Classes taught include education, religion, marriage, family relations, health, history, genealogy, science, youth interests, etc... according to their website.

If you're looking for new books to read and wanting to learn more even if you can't make Education Week, or you wish Education Week was a week longer, the BYU Bookstore is celebrating learning and reading by having authors come to share their works and sign copies.

We have authors like mystery-story novelists Liz Adair and  Josi Killpack,  LDS Authors such as Dennis Gaunt and Kristin Hodson & Alisha Worthington, as well as many others who cover all manner of genres and topics.

See our full list in the image below:
We welcome the authors and visitors of Education Week. Happy learning and reading!

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