Reading Round-Up, part II

Remember Reading Round-Up, Part I?  This is just some of our favorite reading bits and pieces from the last few weeks, enjoy!

What do you use as a bookmark?  An old receipt (or something else you found in your purse)?  These are genius.  The perfect bookmarks that make reading look good. 

One of our favorite local authors, Ann Cannon, also writes a weekly column for the Salt Lake Tribune.  It's funny and poignant and absolutely worth reading.  Weekly.  

How do you organize your bookshelves? Are you about practical, or pretty?  This would be a nightmare to navigate, but it's an aesthetical treat. 

Perhaps the best bookstore movie ever made?  ...Or maybe just the only bookstore movie ever made?  Either way, the battle between the independent booksellers and the chain stores lives on. 

And finally, when you've finished one  book and are in search of another, how do you choose which books to read?  Reccommendations from friends?  Book cover perusing at your favorite bookstore?  Reviews?

This is a serious matter.  Tell us any and all ways you choose which book you're reading next.
In the meantime, happy reading! 

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