Reading Round-Up

You would think the book industry is a pretty straight forward one, but we're constantly flooded with news about new books and better reading strategies, interviews with our favorite authors and fun quirks of the literary world.  It's a lot to process.  To help you along, we present the Reading Round-Up, some of our favorite things on the web this week regarding all matters of reading. 

Bedtime stories?  These are some of the best (not to mention classics).

Time to clear the literary skeletons out of your closet. Which books should you probably have read by now (read: only pretended to read in high school)?

How to read poetry, because it can be a little overwhelming

How many of BBC's 100 Greatest Books have you read? ...not that it's a competiton.

How to help boys love books (podcast with one of our favorite authors, Ann Cannon!)

Become someone else while reading.  

With that being said, where do you find your reading news?

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