As the saying goes, "You are what you eat"

Cookbooks, the quintessential source of inspiration in most every kitchen.  The cookbooks that line the shelves of a kitchen say as much about a cook as a bookshelf does a reader.  Cookbooks capture personality and above all, taste. 
Naturally, there should be some representation of BYU in any alumni or current student’s kitchen.  BYU is known for having its own culture, and that definitely extends to culinary matters.
Think of your first BYU brownie.  The countless snacks you prepared for FHE nights.  The ward activities and subsequent feasts, lovingly known as “Break the Fast.”
The Cougar Cookbook captures some of those BYU memories, with recipes for starters, entrées, desserts and snacks. Recipes for “Tower” breadsticks, BYU-Idaho potato skins, Blue-and-White Chicken Chili, Happy Valley Fudge and of course, BYU’s Famous mint brownies, to name a few. 
The truth is, being a BYU Cougar is more of a lifestyle than simply a temporary status. BYU roots should be embraced in all areas of life, especially in the kitchen. 

Find the BYU Cougar Cookbook at the BYU Bookstore.

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